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Thursday, August 19, 2004

Bees. Oh, how I love them.

The obsession du jour over at Clamatius HQ is the promo for Halo 2 currently running at ilovebees.com. The form of the promotion is an ARG (Alternate Reality Game) made popular by a similar promotion for Spielberg's A.I. film a few years ago.

An ARG is defined here as "interactive fiction using multiple delivery and communications media", which is pretty broad. Really, it means a puzzle game where the puzzles are hard enough that you need a bunch of people to solve them. Hopefully, given enough people, some of them will be smart.

Anyway, I already did some work on this game, the most popular of which appears to be a mildly speculative story summary, creatively titled a Story So Far. The Wiki it's posted on is flaky of late, bordering on unusable, but luckily there's a static mirror of the page. On top of that, there's a copy on the Unfiction General forum.

Aside from the Wiki, the most valuable resource is probably the discussion forums over at unfiction.com. The noise level is much higher than I'd like but occasional insights do emerge.

The current puzzle to be solved is a list of GPS coordinates. I did some basic analysis of the puzzle, which you may or may not find helpful. There's a solution out there but it's a little way off right now.

I'm guessing anyone coming here at this point is after bee-related knowledge and I shall do my best to gratify their honey-crazed urges. A bit later, anyway - work calls.


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