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Friday, January 13, 2006

Guild Wars: Aurora Glade

I did Aurora Glade last night with a PUG (pick-up group, not this kind of pug). Including the bonus. The bonus is a bit tricky so I figured I'd write something about it - last time round with my necro I tried the bonus with a PUG but got slaughtered. Here was how we did it.
  1. Have a group that doesn't totally suck and actually listens. Admittedly, this may be the sticking point in most plans.
  2. Include a W/x that is set up (at least partially) for running - sprint, defense stance, etc. Preferably level 20 if you can get one.
  3. Once you get to the final bit with all the altars you have to attune, the W/x runner grabs a stone and starts attuning. Everyone else guards the first altar on the left. Don't go anywhere and don't chase the monsters - if they go, let them go. Don't worry if they attune the altar you're guarding - your runner should have attuned enough other altars that you won't lose and you'll likely take down the opposing runner several times if you stay put. With 5 of you, assuming you passed step 1, you should be able to kill the oncoming hordes of Mantle (warning: there's a lot of them). A decent minion necro helps for this bit although we did it with a heal monk and a prot monk (me) instead.


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