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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Guild Wars: Death By Mending

For those of us who aren't aware, the skill Mending has an unfortunate reputation. It's generally a sub-par skill with a few narrow uses (e.g. the 55-hp Protective Spirit monk builds). The main reason why it's got such a bad rap is its inclusion in the premade Paladin template, which for whatever reason seems particularly popular with new, clueless players.

So last night I was doing the Dragon's Lair mission with a few guildmates. We're kidding around and not taking the mission too seriously and a number of comments attesting to the awesome power of Mending are being made. Right after that, the other monk in the party casts both Mending and Watchful Spirit (another usually doubtful skill) on me. I was pretty surprised...

... but even more surprised 30 seconds later when we walked into the first bunch of Crystal Spiders and I immediately got hit by 4x Shatter Enchantment (Divine Boon, Channeling, Watchful Spirit and Mending) at 100+ damage each plus a couple of Energy Storms.

I've never been killed by Mending before.


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