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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Guild Wars: Best PvE equipment in PvP

SURGEON GENERAL’S WARNING: Grinding due to this post may cause serious and possibly permanent brain damage.

Right now, some equipment obtainable in PvE is better than the equipment created on a PvP character. Here's a definitive listing of the equipment by OrangeArrow over at GWGuru. I should note that I'm accepting donations of the relevant monk and necro equipment...

Technically, the PvP equipment is supposed to be the best available. However, usually the PvP equipment power level lags a bit behind the best PvE equipment. Even if none of the PvE equipment was better, you can still gain a small advantage by playing a fully tricked-out PvE character instead of a PvP character because of the extra flexibility. This will be even more apparent when Factions is released. One of the new Factions armour sets available across professions gives +Health, which will probably be valuable against spike teams although sub-optimal elsewhere. A PvE character can carry both the normal set and the +Health set and switch out depending on the opposition.


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