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Friday, April 21, 2006

Guild Wars: Week's dev posts

It's been a busy, busy week over at Clamatius HQ. I've been playing Indigo Prophecy in the evenings with The Wife (I'm sure I'll write more on that subject later) and work's been a bit frantic.

Alright, that's the excuse for not posting. Here's the highlights of GW news for the week.
  • Alert readers may have noticed that the promised skill balance update scheduled for this week didn't actually happen. Apparently it's now scheduled for after Season 2 of the World Championships - around May 15th.
  • Apparently the Factions Collector's Edition has been delayed in some areas and may not make it onto shelves for the 28th everywhere. The Standard Edition will be available, however.
  • PvE quests which award skills in Factions will generally give a choice of 2 skills instead of a fixed one. Additionally, less skills in general will be available via quests, but obtaining skill points and gold will be easier - character advancement in general will be faster. It was previously revealed that the majority of Factions will be played at 20th level - in GW: Prophecies, it's more like 33% at 20th just for the main storyline.
  • You'll be able to buy extra character slots for $9.99 this summer.
  • The current bug where all PvE aggro is focused on characters holding items will be fixed at some point.
  • Pet AI and Henchmen AI will be improved "on a very large scale" at some point after Factions is released.
  • Apparently the Elite Missions in Factions will be accessible by more than the 1% of players some doomsayers have been forecasting.
Credit for all that lot goes to the busy posters over at the ever-useful Game and Dev Tracker at GuildWarsGuru.


Blogger Brinstar said...

Possibly no CE on the 28th? Bummer. I'll have to check my GameStop this weekend... I think I need to threaten them again just to be sure. If they cheat me out of CE that I pre-ordered months and months ago, like I've seen them do with other games, I will be very very angry.

4/21/2006 02:05:00 PM  

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