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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Guild Wars: More Factions details revealed

From an interview in Munich, Germany with Jeff Strain (translated from the original):
In the final version it will be possible to rejoin one's party after being disconnected from the server. Losses in PvP or in PvE-Missions due to disconnects will thus probably be a thing of the past.
In context, this means it's going to be an upsell for GW: Factions.
More stuff:
Players will be able to give tactical orders to their henchmen.

Part of these are the big alliance battles, PvP fights in which teams of 12 players each meet, whereas before only 8 players per team were possible. They fight in order to conquer territories.

Furthermore, there are new competitive Missions that are mainly roleplaying missions, but there are teams fighting each other on both sides. But instead of fighting in PvP, they for example struggle for resources and try reaching various strategical goals. This brings some RTS elements into play so to say.

Then there are the challenge-missions, which are roleplaying missions as well. After the mission the performance of the player and his group is evaluated. One task for example could be defending a fortress against stronger and stronger waves of enemies. Or a hostage rescue situation, where your rating is based on how many of them have been saved. Also, there will be rankings in the game, showing daily and all-time highscores. The higher the result, the more faction-points you receive.

Nice! Admittedly, I was going to get Factions anyway so from my point of view this is all icing on the cake.

I believe the translation credit for this goes to Alter over at the Guild Hall.


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