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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Guild Wars: World Championships finals

iQ lost to EvIL in the semis which brings us to an all-Korean, EvIL vs WM final. Here's Sausaletus Rex's writeup of the iQ match:
Match 1: Frowntown, capital of Painslyvania.

Match 2: Less in Frowntown more towards Angstville.


The final matches were well played but ultimately EvIL just outplayed WM and brought home the trophy. If you watch them on Observer Mode, don't miss [EvIL] Last of Master's heroic defense vs. a Warrior and Mesmer near the end of the game, it was great.

Interestingly, EvIL was running 2 Mesmers both with Arcane Thievery to deny the opposing Warriors Gale. One was a Me/E and I'm told he even had enough points in Air to use the Gale although I didn't see it myself.

I'm not enough of an expert to post an informed writeup of the matches. I'll update if I find someone who is.


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