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Monday, October 11, 2004

Katamari Dagacy

I've played enough Katamari Damacy to conclude three things:
  1. It's the strangest game I have ever played.

  2. It was well worth $20.

  3. They really should have translated the name from Japanese, because people here can't remember it ("Katamari" means "clump", apparently. I have no idea what "Damacy" means).

You may well not be familiar with this game. In a short summary, I'd describe it as Pac-Man meets Monty Python meets a tank controller. The flavour and art style of the game is very reminiscent of Monty Python's collages. The actual gameplay consists of this: you roll a ball around and pick up stuff, which is then glommed onto the ball or (more likely) some of the stuff you already picked up. To roll the ball, you use the 2 joysticks more or less like a tank - 2 forward means "go forward" and so on.

Ok. So far so good. A few more tweaks. Your ball starts off pretty small, sometimes only a couple of inches across, so you're picking up coins, pencils, etc. But at the end of the later levels (where it probably started out as about 1m across), you're picking up larger things. Like people. Or houses. Or ocean liners. Or skyscrapers.

It's all very odd, really.

Anyway, I can't say I've ever played another game quite like it, the music is fabulous (I can still hear it now, echoing in my head) and all in all if you have a PS2 you have no excuse not to get it.

I suppose it would be churlish of me not to finish this post off with the obligatory Penny Arcade link.


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