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Monday, February 06, 2006

Guild Wars: Guild Alliances in Factions

Interesting quote over at CVG about guild alliance mechanics in Factions:
In Factions, allied guilds can take ownership of towns within the territory that their faction controls. Within these towns are portals to high-level co-operative missions (with a correspondingly high-level of loot!), called Elite Missions, that are accessible only by members of the guild alliance that controls that town. Larger towns have better Elite Missions, and ownership of these larger towns is given to alliances with higher faction ratings. An alliance gains faction through both PvP Faction Battles and co-operative Alliance Missions and Challenge Missions, so the most successful guilds will have a diverse membership of hardcore PvP players, role-players, and players who enjoy both.
Sounds potentially worrisome though - mechanics that reward winners can make it harder for losers to ever get ahead. This probably won't be a problem for GW since loot is a very small part of success - play skill is much more valuable. Having said that, it's still too early for real analysis without more detail.


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