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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Guild Wars: Minion Mastering

Did Aurora Glade (+ bonus) with a guildmate that needed it last night, playing my Necro with an aggressive minion master build. The rest of the group was henchmen. We hit the mission at a dead run and just kept going. I was summoning pretty much continuously and the hordes of undead were pretty impressive. We just hit the final hordes of White Mantle with swarms of undead and smashed through to get the bonus instead of running the crystals around. Here's the build I was using:

Death 12 + 3 + 1
Blood 9 + 1
Soul Reaping 9 + 1

Animate Bone Horror
Animate Bone Fiend
Verata's Sacrifice
Blood of the Master
Offering of Blood
Rotting Flesh
Vampiric Gaze
Resurrection Signet
This isn't a solo build. You want to be casting Verata's Sacrifice as much as possible whenever it's up and the damage from the 3 sacrifice skills adds up fast - you need monk backup. Invest in +death speed/recharge items and some sexy boots. The idea here is that sheer offensive power means that you don't need to use the default minion master build where you run Monk secondary for Heal Area. With the extra energy from Offering of Blood on top of Soul Reaping, you should be casting animation spells pretty much the whole time.


Blogger Brinstar said...

I got my sexy boots last night! They look horribly uncoordinated with my Necrotic Armour (AL 49), though... I know this is silly, but I'm going to have to get the other matching pieces, and then dye it all. Possibly silver, though I may save my silver for another set of armour (Tormentor's)

2/15/2006 01:08:00 PM  

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