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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Guild Wars: Live Event at PAX

Here's the official writeup of the Guild Wars Live event. The designers were Teeuwynn Woodruff (my wife) and Mike Selinker. I spent most of Sunday helping out at the main booth.

The Kurzick faction won overall - for some reason, a lot of Kurzicks signed up late Saturday and on Sunday. People were encouraged to group up with other people in their faction - and apparently on Sunday a giant mob of Kurzicks romped around the challenges. By the time they were heading over to the Red Lion for the final 2 challenges, there were 25+ Kurzicks on the shuttle bus... and 1 Luxon. Apparently some trash-talking occurred.

People generally seemed to like the game and were having fun. I asked players which were their favourite challenges and it was normally one of:
  • Assassin (precision crossbow)
  • Warrior (shield vs. blowgun)
  • Necromancer (skull death puzzle)
with a smattering of Elementalists and Mesmers also around.

Overall I'd guess there were something like a thousand players, with about 150 or so finishing every challenge. Not too shabby.


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