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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Axons Phone Home

Well, the payphone speculation was correct, as I guessed. Admittedly, I only guessed it really late. As for what's actually going on, I'm not sure yet. I spent all day doing vacation stuff - the Children's Museum in Charleston, swimming with the baby, party for the whole in-laws clan, that kind of thing.

So, what happened? Apparently, at each of the GPS locations at the appointed time, a payphone did indeed ring. The links.html page had been updated with a keyword. Each keyword was shared in a group of several locations. A full "exchange" was required twice in each group to unlock the sound file for that group. Not all the groups got unlocked, by the look of links.html. At each payphone, the actual interaction was that a recorded message asked for "her name, and your name". "Her name" is of course "The Operator" and "Your Name" is the keyword for that location. Once there was 2 successful exchanges, links.html updated to give a link to a sound file.

thebruce has transcripts of those sound files up, or at least the ones unlocked right now.

I'll be looking into the meaning of the messages as time and sobriety permit. The chatter on Unfiction is a massive torrent - 50 pages of discussion in just one thread on the Axons stuff already.


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