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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Dangers of Powergaming

I've played an awful lot of Magic: the Gathering. Hell, I met my wife in NY when I was playing in the Pro Tour (first prize $30k - and no, I didn't win). Geeky? Sure, but then I'm a game geek so what do you expect?

Trouble is, that much analysis of card combinations looking for "loopholes" seems to have permanently warped my brain. I seem to be able to do that kind of analysis reasonably well, but I find I can no longer enjoy table-top RPGs because this specialized section of my brain is still trying to find the optimal solution to whatever situation the characters are in - and that interferes with just relaxing and trying to work out what the character would do in the situation.

Maybe it's just part of growing up and losing that creative child-like spark - or maybe I'm right and it's too much card-flipping. Hard to tell, really.


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