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Monday, January 16, 2006

Guild Wars: Necro at the Ring of Fire

Finally made it past the Ring of Fire. Normally I don't bother posting about missions but this one was fairly painful to do, mostly due to some poor play from random people in pick-up groups. A hint: go in the front door, even though it looks scary. It's much faster and easier than going the way you're told in the cutscene right before you see the Ether Seals.

For reference, here's the build I was running that seemed to work well:
Blood 11 + 2
Curses 11 + 1
Soul Reaping 8 + 1
(I tend to only run minor runes in PvE because I change my build so much)
Vampiric Gaze
Life Siphon
Spiteful Spirit
Blood Ritual
Well of Blood
Resurrection Signet
Use a Curses +20% recharge item if you have one.
Strategy: cast Spiteful Spirit on a target next to the called target (not the called target, it'll probably die before the SS wears off). Suffering on any group of 3 or more. Faintheartedness on off-target archer/melee. VG the called target. Repeat SS as often as it recharges. BR on low energy people.

SS is pretty effective and having Blood Ritual helps a lot with all the Ether Seals.


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