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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Guild Wars: Dual Smite in Alliance Battles

Nice little video of a Dual Smite build in Alliance Battles by Kisst of PIE (our guild leader). I must admit that I was expecting Air of Enchantment to receive a lovetap from the nerf bat but it escaped this time round.

I've played this build myself a few - maybe 10 to 15 - times, as one of the smiting monks. It's very effective. The main thing to bear in mind in Alliance Battles is that you're not trying to kill the other team. Yes, you get a few points from it but the majority of your points will come from securing the NPC-guarded shrines. Dual Smite is very nice for this because the sheer DPS is extremely high. Note that in the video the majority of fighting going on is against NPCs rather than the other team.

Of course, that only works for the Kurzicks. If you're playing for the Luxons, the best thing to do is ignore this advice and ball up in a huge group. Also, I hear that Mending is very good, so please run as many copies of that as you can. :)


Blogger Brinstar said...

Kurzicks FTW!

5/31/2006 05:58:00 AM  

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