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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Guild Wars: Nightfall release party

Trundled around behind Tey (my wife) for a couple of hours and knocked back a few Moorish-themed cocktails. Unlike the Factions release party, there wasn't any real Nightfall PvP action. Alas. Instead it was really a party for the devs - drinks, music, belly dancers and a rah-rah "Making of Nightfall" video.

They had a few machines set up but when I took a quick look everyone was just playing PvE. I have a pretty good idea of how that's going to work from the preview weekend - I was hoping to get some juice on the build template interface or the Hero PvP but no dice. Ah well.

Alright, full disclosure. I already know pretty much exactly how the build template stuff will work but since they weren't displaying it on the party machines I guess it's not fair game to talk about it yet.

Anyway, it was nice to talk to some of Tey's ex-TSR and Wizards friends (e.g. Jeff Grubb, Will McDermott). Jeff seemed pretty pumped up about the new cutscene stuff in Nightfall - apparently the cutscene tools for the previous chapters were fairly basic. I hope he's right to be excited - the cutscenes in Factions & Prophecies were pretty weak.

Not much actual information in the "making of" film - just the usual "this is how you make an AAA title stuff" which I already know. The only tantalizing tidbit was Jeff talking about how they listen to fans about things they want like easier party forming. If they added a better party forming interface, that'd be big news but given it hasn't been mentioned before odds on it's still in development.

That's about all I have to report this time round. Thanks to Izzy for rescuing me from MapQuest's disastrous directions!

Update: courtesy of atray & Avoc over at GWOnline, a pic of one of the belly dancers.


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