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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Guild Wars: Wreckingball (Necromancer PvE)

I played this build a month or two ago and it works pretty well. It's a very aggressive setup which suits my playstyle. Ensign is the wizard at work here.

Offering of Blood*
Order of Pain
Blood Ritual
Rotting Flesh
Animate Bone Horror
Animate Bone Fiend
Blood of the Master
Resurrection Signet / Hardres of choice

12+4 Death Magic
9+2 Blood Magic
9+1 Soul Reaping

Weapon with an enchanting part, armor of choice + Bloodstained Boots.

Your plan here is that being a MM is basically a matter of a couple of Animates + Blood of the Master, so why not be an Orders necro at the same time?

Note that this plan absolutely requires you to bring as many physical damagers as possible - warriors, rangers, paragons, etc. It should be even easier to arrange now you can bring Heroes. Note that Barrage + Order of Pain = good.

There's probably a nicer way to make this with some of the new Nightfall skills, but you may want to use it to go get those skills.


Anonymous soraftw said...

Love your blog and its attention to detail.
Amazing geekery :D
Keep it up bro.

And uh, yeah, through my tinkering in AB, I've discovered a pretty vanilla build for Me/Mo.

"Utility Domination (Me/Mo)"

FC: 9 + 1
Illusion: 1 + 1
Domination: 12 + 1
Inspiration: 3 + 1
Healing Prayers: 9

Ehhh, it's a no brainer. It's a utililty build--not particularly anti caster or warrior hate.
Someone out there probably runs something like this and has re-posted it on EW's build creator, but what the heck.

E-Surge, E-Burn, Wastrel's Worry, Empathy, Healing Breeze, Inspired Hex, Ethereal Burden, Hex Breaker.

Usage is self-explanatory, though Burden is good for energy management. Sins will absolutely demolish me though, but I find its a good universal build to help better my positional awareness and such.

11/09/2006 02:14:00 AM  

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