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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Guild Wars: Balancing shortlist followup

Back in August, I wrote a little summary of balance tweaks I thought needed doing. How did Izzy do?

1. Only Warriors do damage.

Hello, Searing Flames elementalists. Oh, and dervishes. Fixed. Pretty much.

2. Elementalist Elites

Instead of the previous you-can-take-Prodigy-or-Prodigy, now there's a bunch of Searing Flames, Blinding Surge, Glyph of Energy and Invoke Lightning eles around as well as the old Prodigy standbys. Fixed.

3. Assassin Elites

The new Shadow Prison and Shadow of Haste have actually displaced Aura of Displacement (pun intended). A few elites showing up here from "Coward!" to Shove, Moebius Strike and Shadow Prison. Admittedly, almost all the Assassin primaries you'll see right now are Shadow Prison. Still, at least there's options. Fixed.

I also mentioned that Eviscerate was the only axe elite being used, but now Shadow Prison has largely displaced it with Dismember being the deep wound skill. Fixed-ish.

Well, 3 for 3. Solutions for those weren't obvious. Tip of the hat to Izzy for that, but a wag of the finger for taking too long to nerf Energizing Finale. Yeah, we know, it was mid-season but sometimes you've got to do what you've got to do.


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