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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Guild Wars: Blinding Surge Mesmer

Another night and a few more GvGs. This time round I was playing the more defensive Blinding Surge Dom Mesmer variant, instead of the Energy Surge version I was playing previously. It's similar but differs in one important respect - its target selection includes the opposing melee characters as well as their midlines and monks. This might sound minor, but Blinding Surge has a 4 second recharge.

That means you should ideally be blinding one of their warriors every 4 seconds. If you are a bad mesmer that's all you do, but you really should be Diverting key skills, Galing monks on a spike and chipping in with Spiritual -> Wastrels as an assist all while maintaining your position, kiting and pre-kiting judiciously. Continuously changing targets the whole time you're engaged isn't all that easy. Oh, and really you ought to be looking for their warrior converge or tell-tale Shadow Prison so you can Surge at the right time to prevent adrenaline spikes.

Anyway, I seemed to be doing ok for the most part in the couple of matches I played - certainly better than Monday night. Saved a bunch of adren spikes, covered monk retreats, Shattered enchantments that mattered, didn't get my own Surge Diverted by their mesmer, killed a bunch of their guys, etc. Crazy target switching action. Sadly, the teams we were playing against were pretty good and our team generally wasn't playing well for some reason. We lost both matches. Against one of the teams (I think it was Guild Drama [sigh] but I'm not 100% sure) their mesmer chipped in amongst the flurry of "gg"s with "good mesmer".

Unfortunately, I think he was being sarcastic. In their final feeding frenzy around the GL as I was blinding warriors and diverting midliners, I misclicked and blinded their monk. C'est la vie.


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