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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Guild Wars: Dev Update

Q. What do ritualist spike and discord spike have in common?

A. They both just got nerfed in the face.

Thanks Izzy.

Shadow Prison, Wastrel's Demise and Blades of Steel also got a tap from the nerfbat. Hero Battles also got tweaked to hopefully fix the "holding" builds. I haven't played HvH for a long time since I'm always GvGing these days. I don't know whether I'll get to try the format again anytime soon.

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Blogger Sausaletus Rex said...

There's a thread at TGH as well as I'm about to blog about.

Anyway, I said as much last night when we first heard about this but what's nice to see about that note is that it provides some insight into just why these changes were made and the thinking behind them. As opposed to the patch notes on the official site, it gives us a glimpse into what the developers are thinking about balance itself. I'm stunned that this update was even made but I'm even more stunned at this apparent attempt to raise the curtain and reveal a bit of the gears clanking and whirring. Moar pls.

3/07/2007 05:58:00 PM  

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