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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Steamed to perfection

Well, I picked up Half-Life 2 via Steam last night. If you ever saw the promo videos for the game: yes, the graphics really are that good. Worth the price of admission just for the atmosphere and graphics.

I've seen no evidence so far that the AI is a giant leap forward like the marines of the original Half-Life. Still, you can't ask for everything, I suppose.

The executive summary so far (2 hours in) is that it's rather like the original Half-Life - linear, superbly scripted and cinematic. It differs somewhat in that it sets a new bar for PC graphics, whereas the original wasn't winning too many prizes for graphics per se.

Q. If Half-Life 2 was a film, what film would it be?

A. 1984.

I'll follow up with a more complete review upon completion of the game.

In other news, the early reviews for Vampire: Bloodlines are looking good. Maybe that'll be the next game on the list. Much more of a RPG than a shooter, of course.


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