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Thursday, January 05, 2006

TV, Tivo and kids

Interesting post about Tivo and kids at Parent Hacks. Seems pretty certain that a good percentage of this generation will grow up not used to the old "you watch it when the broadcaster wants you to" model of TV. When we visit family, we have to tell our toddler that "the TV is broken" because you can't fast-forward through ads or just turn on the Wiggles if that's what he wants to watch. We try to ration his TV viewing as much as we can but a certain amount gets through.

As for me, I don't watch a whole lot of TV, at least compared to the national average. Right now? Let's see:
  • The Daily Show - only TV "news" worth watching.
  • Lost - Season 2 is good but not as good IMHO as season 1.
  • Alias - seems like it's jumped the shark, alas.
  • Finished the first season of Rome a while ago, which was marvellous - definitely pick up the DVD when it comes out if you don't have HBO.
I'm not even sure I'd watch anything except Rome if my wife wasn't watching it. In fact, if I was a bachelor again I'd most likely not bother with a TV at all except for console games. Without Tivo? Definitely forget it, with kids around it'd be impossible since I'm way too lazy to VCR everything.

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