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Friday, February 17, 2006

Guild Wars: World Championship

The Championship games are underway in Taipei. The observer mode replays were up in-game last night.

Seemed like the LuM vs. Te matchup was a bit of an upset in favour of LuM - Te was the favourite but an unfortunate build choice in match 3 gave LuM the match. Specifically, Te switched to a fast-cast air spike build (6 Me/E + 2 monk) and it just didn't cut the mustard at all. Update: there's a video of match 3 up on GWVersus as well as a great match writeup by Sausaletus Rex.

I'm rooting for iQ to win it but realistically WM have to be the overall favourites. The grapevine has it that WM are being sponsored through the finals by some company or another who also picked up an enormous amount of ebayed gold so the WM characters can be tricked out in all the fanciest-looking gear.


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