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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Guild Wars: Reconnects and party forming UI

If you're paying attention, you already know about the new features but I figured I should probably mention it, given that both features have been near the top of people's wish list for... oh, I don't know, since release. It'll be interesting to see what the party UI looks like.

I think the PvE crowd's Xmas list had an auction house on it too and I've already seen whining about it.

I've got a metaphor for this. My 3 year old happily sat on Santa's lap this year and Santa asked him what he'd like for Christmas. He replied "a car that goes down ramps... a hammer..... and a dog". Santa replied, giving us a glance, "Well, we'll see about the car and the hammer, but I'm not so sure about the dog".


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