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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Doom: The Boardgame

Yes, I'm in a blogging frenzy. I think it's because I'm thinking about a database schema and the easiest way to work out the issues is to not think about it for a few minutes at a time to let my unconscious (way smarter than me) to do it.

Anyway. Link. Sounds interesting. I'll have to ferret around for some more info. Does sound like the balance may not be all that, much like most boardgames. Still, good flavour does go a long way.

Speaking of boardgames, that reminds me that I haven't written about them yet. Most people who aren't "in" on the hobby games industry and/or who haven't played an awful lot of boardgames don't realise what they're missing. I'll probably come up with something more useful later.


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