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Friday, January 20, 2006

Guild Wars: Zaichen Challenge

Played a lot of the Zaichen Challenge last night. Really fun - if you're playing GW you really ought to try it.

Beaten with my PvE Necro & henchies:
  • Smiters
  • Obsidian Flame Spike
  • Illusionary Weaponry
Not beaten yet on my own:
  • I Will Avenge You (IWAY)
  • Trappers
  • Mixed Degen
I've beaten them all with real people on my team. The Degen team was the most fun to play against but IWAY was also challenging. All the AI teams seem to be very weak against traps, probably because positional awareness code is a pain in the butt to write.

So here's a sub-challenge: can you find a PvP build with no traps that can beat Zaichen IWAY (no other players, just henchmen)? It's not easy. I've come close but not done it yet.

Another mystery is exactly how Faction is awarded - it doesn't seem clear when it gives you faction and when it doesn't. When I played the training teams with a monk it did not give me faction but it did when I played as an Assassin. Let me know if you know what's going on on that front.


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