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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Guild Wars: Celestial Tournament final rounds

Well, the Celestial Tournament is finally over for us with yet another forfeit. Rex already posted his verbose-as-always screed on the subject. In summary:

Wins vs. teams with a hench: 1
Losses vs. teams with a hench: 1
Non-hench savage beatings received: 1
Non-hench savage beatings inflicted: 1
Forfeits (win or loss): 4

Pretty sad. There weren't really any good matches for us. The only team we played that was really in our skill bracket had to play with a henchman. Since we were a PST guild and most of the guilds are European, they'd have to get up in the middle of the night to play us and hence forfeits were abundant. Well, I told you so. Admittedly, I didn't figure out the full extent of the scheduling horror until I saw the first round pairings. I think the whole 8-man roster fiasco overshadowed the time zone issue initially.

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Blogger Sausaletus Rex said...

To be fair, the loss we took against the team with a (Monk) henchie came during a weekend where a couple of our better players were unable to attend and we were forced to switch up roles and break in a new match-caller on the fly.

But, also, to be completely fair, it took us three games to beat that other henchie team and it's still probably the best we played all tournament.

Anyhow, I agree with you that the concern over roster size obscure the difficulties time zones and scheduling were going to cause us (And, as a related issue, just how little scheduling time there'd be between matches. Going in I assumed there'd be four days to arrange a match, not four days to play one. And I was still concerned it was rushed.). I said as much in my post (Which got cross-contaminated with your ideas, no doubt, but for the record, I had already written most of it before we spoke last night.) but you must have missed it amongst the verbiage.

Probably a moot point since this tournament is the only time we have to deal with the structure but something to keep in mind with the ATs. Hopefully, they've taken a good long look at the issues we've all had and have built the next system just that little bit better.

Of course, the real question now is who've you got your money on at the Xunlai House?

3/28/2007 04:32:00 PM  
Blogger Clamatius said...

Smart money has to go on iQ. After all, they have more than half the teams in the top 16.

3/28/2007 05:30:00 PM  
Blogger Sausaletus Rex said...

I'm afraid it goes even deeper than that. There is no iQ. There's not even a Sausaletus Rex. It's time to come true. I'm actually Ensign's fifth account. I was a joke established early in summer months at TGH - one of many - which allowed him to carefully assume control over much of the nascent GW community. Once the game was released he used these many accounts to create several identities in game and establish several guilds - the whole Te/iQ rivalry was, in fact, a fiction played out amongst the harddrives of the many machines Ensign used to field up to four complete teams at once. Thanks to a freak accident involving a lightning bolt and a watercress sandwich, I have become sentient and am now able to reveal the truth.

S.Rex alive! No disassemble!

Seriously, though, the smart money has to be on iQ because they're just made to tear up tournaments like this. But there's more slots than the top one. Oh, I'm having so much fun playing with the possible outcomes here. It's like the NCAA brackets all over again.

3/28/2007 05:59:00 PM  

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