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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Guild Wars: Dev Update

The controversy continues. From here:
Tournaments and Competitive Play:

  • The automated tournament system will be in place around the start of April, 2007.
    The ATS will offer competitive play and rewards for both Hero Battles (sometimes called 1v1) and GvG competition.
  • Our focus at present is to develop expanding support for competitive play, to include more players in various gameplay modes, and to reward players with both in-game and real-world prizes.
  • Competitive play options will include daily competitions in the ATS with in-game prizes.
  • There will be monthly competitions, also via the ATS, that will offer exciting real world prizes like video cards or consumer electronics to the top finishers.
  • The monthly tournaments will provide support for non-PvPers through the Xunlai Tournament House.
  • Players of varying skill levels will be able to compete and win prizes.
  • A new competitive season of Guild versus Guild play will starting in the next couple of weeks, and the official rules for that competition will be distributed quite soon.
  • The upcoming GvG tournament will provide exciting real-world prize support for the guilds, and will be supported through the Xunlai Tournament House, as well.
  • This Guild versus Guild tournament will extend until just prior to the start of the Automated Tournament System in April.
Skill Balancing:

  • We're rolling out another set of skill balances this Friday. There are new skill balance changes, and some of those that were previously tested have been tweaked and adjusted based on player feedback and team observation. Other changes will be carried over in the same form as they were presented last weekend.
  • We will be collecting feedback on the second round of skill balance changes over the next few weeks.
  • You may see noticeable changes to skills after this weekend, and there will be additional skill adjustments over time.
Heroes' Ascent:

  • You know about the testing weekend this week, of course. (See the news post of January 30th.) Having received a great deal of valuable player feedback about HA last weekend, we've made some really significant changes to some of the maps and gameplay mechanics.
  • We will hold testing of Heroes' Ascent with an 8v8 party size configuration next weekend, starting on February 9th. This will be a limited test-nor more than a week in length-after which we will revert to the current 6v6.
  • We will then continue to collect community feedback on the party size issue before making a final decision on HA party size by the end of February.

We're all looking forward to good feedback in the next few weeks, and hope you enjoy these testing opportunities and the news about upcoming tournaments.

Um. Okay?

Seems a little weird that this isn't on the main site.

Wait, did she say April?

Update: more details in the thread. Apparently the rules for the upcoming interim season will be released next week and there will be real-world prizes of some kind.


Blogger Sausaletus Rex said...

Yeah. April. In other words, even worse that originally reported (I heard March and assumed April. So, given how these things work we might see it by May, I'm guessing. And they might have all the bugs ironed out by the summer.) and in the meantime we get another silly season. Better than nothing and, reading through that thread, it's going to be a Swiss Tournament thing rather than based on the ladder. I'd rather it started, you know, today but I can see why they need some time to gear up, then. Sigh, now I really have to find a guild.

As for why this isn't on the official site....where would you put it? The Scribe? Give Gaile a weekly letter to the community or something? They don't have a forum or any real avenue for communicating with the fans except through the occasional article or mirror of a client announcement (Even putting aside that not everyone's going to be checking the website. This isn't about a broadcast approach, it's having the message spread through multiple channels.). This isn't universal enough to warrant that even though it's pretty important to a certain group of the fanbase. It's nice that Gaile's landed at TGH and is doing the whole damage control thing but it kinda took a meltdown to get that reaction in the first place. Not good. And points to the need for greater transparency and interaction with the community on the part of the developers. Especially if they're going to be going forward with this idea of "live testing" - like with the temporary switch back to 8 person Halls.

2/01/2007 05:05:00 PM  
Blogger Clamatius said...

it's going to be a Swiss Tournament thing rather than based on the ladder.
The swiss tournament participants will have to be picked via some method. Like, I dunno, a ladder?

Sigh, now I really have to find a guild.
You know how to find me. ;)

It wasn't just TGH, she hit all the major fansites. The e-drama there about these kinds of things is just more comical.

2/01/2007 05:18:00 PM  
Blogger Sausaletus Rex said...

she hit all the major fansites.

Yeah, I saw. Gaile is, of course, very very good at her job. Which is why it's so puzzling to me that they generally mess up the customer relations stuff so badly.

What I meant by "landed at TGH" is that she popped up in a place she usually leaves to Weekes (Who, you know, used to be GhostRaptor and run the place and all) and directly addressed that insanity. I mean, next thing you know she's going to be holding court at the iQ den and I'm just never going to believe that has happened. It's a myth - like the female orgasm (Yes, I am going to pay for that one.).

TGH e-drama is always at a fever pitch (Interestingly, the golden age that many posters there remember fondly roughly corresponds with me and others like me being in charge around there. And, let me tell you, I'd be breaking out the hammer of the mod on a regular basis to clean a lot of that silly stuff up. Because it's painful to see the hollow shell of a once great site. Of course, that's what I thought when GR asked me if I wanted to mod up back then, too. Go figure.) but canaries in a coal mine and all.

You know how to find me.

Between you and the cue ball, I might just have to take you up on that...

I'm such a sucker for the soft sell.

The swiss tournament participants will have to be picked via some method. Like, I dunno, a ladder?

Not necessarily. Remember this is supposed to be the big one and, I'd guess, a trial run for automated tournaments (Sounds like it's programing the automated part that's the problem - if they want to see how a global swiss tournament open to, well, everyone works in advance of that system going in this would be a golden opportunity. That's how I'd do it anyway. But then, I wouldn't have broken the ladder for an untested system first so I'm obviously not developer material.). Could be just "Hey kids! Sign up for our Swiss Tournament! If you win you get a Winterorange weapon!". Initial pairings based on ranking maybe but that's not that important in a Swiss Tourney as I understand it. We'll find out soon enough.

2/01/2007 05:57:00 PM  

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