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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Guild Wars: Skill updates

Heads up, the first skill/HA tweaks are up. They'll be changing through the weekend as players discover things that are totally broken but this is the initial setup.

Key quote:
Jagged Bones: Increased Recharge time to 15 seconds.

But wait....

Gale: decreased knock down duration to 2 seconds.

Ok, it was too good. But... but...


Blogger Sausaletus Rex said...

Wow. I didn't think they could do it but I guess they finally made a Gale I wouldn't want to play if it was an elite. (Sandstorm took a hit, too. In fact, looking at things, the Elementalist as a whole
took it on the chin for some odd reason. While Searing Flames was only touched by the expected nerf to Glowing Gaze. But, hey, Flare's awesome now, so...)

The change to Jagged Bones is a nice band-aid - makes getting rid of those endless minions a little easier - but, eh, the real problem's still Soul Reaping. And, you know, that people can amass a minion army before matches even start and all that.

Going over the rest of the list it seems to be pretty much putting back in what was yanked after the test weekend with a few minor tweaks to the numbers (Also, would it kill them to alphabetize that list or something?). Blades of Steel, for example, was up to a maximum of +80 over the test weekend and now it's going to be +65. Reaper's Mark gives back the same lowered energy now but the degen was lowered to 5 at 15 (Not sure about 16 but, whooo, 60 less damage over the duration that's really going to make a difference there...).

Shield of Absorption got the hike to a 1 second cast. Which, grr. With the new Beguiling Haze Sins running around that's just going to be brutal. Looks like I'll be giving the new Shielding Hands a whirl tonight.

2/01/2007 05:40:00 PM  

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