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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Guild Wars: Celestial Tournament, Round 2

Second round pairings are up.

My division of the XoO hordes went 2-0 vs. Cheeky Monkeys in round 1, as Rex already noted. I suspect this round is going to be a whole lot harder - the next team actually has a reasonable rating. Not that the ladder's a great indication of a whole lot right now, but it does indicate that they probably aren't normally a 4 hero team.

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Friday, February 16, 2007

Guild Wars: Celestial Tournament round 1 pairings

Pairings for round 1 are up.

We're up against Greedy Monkeys. They're presumably a guild created for the tournament, since they have no play history at this point.

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Guild Wars: Dev update

Gaile posted another Dev Update. See the link for the PvE stuff. The main PvP-relevant content was what they're testing internally right now:
  • Paragon diversity and balance. Once we’ve had more time to see the most recent changes in effect, we’ll see if further changes are needed.
  • Bow skills for rangers.
  • Ranger pet adjustments. We're pleased to say we have a rudimentary version of pet controls up-and-running on our test servers. We’re looking forward getting those into the live game as soon as we’ve examined all of the play balance issues this might introduce.

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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Guild Wars: Celestial Tournament roster enlarged

Mr. Gills over at ArenaNet came to his senses and raised the roster size for the Celestial Tournament to 10, instead of the previous no-hesitation-or-deviation 8. Much better.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Guild Wars: Celestial Tournament rules posted

The "Celestial Tournament" rules were just posted at the official site.

Things of note:
  • Your roster is fixed at 8 people - i.e. no substitutions at all.
  • Looks like it's going to be something like 1 Swiss-paired match about every week or so (there's a min 4 days between matches).
  • Cut to the single elimination rounds is the top 16.
  • Roster has to be submitted by Feb 14.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Guild Wars: Protecting the Spatula

Apropos of nothing, I figured I'd never posted my favourite GW-related forum post ever so I should probably get round to it.
RE: [War] Protector's Strike

It's a decent spike skill to follow up your goodies with a final quick hit. It has a place now, particularly on R/Ws.

My only complaint about the skill now is that it doesn't have anything to do with what the skill description says. It could read "Target foe gets +2 joyfulness. I am the spatula." and be just as descriptive as it is now. It has nothing to do with moving foes and +damage, and everything to do with that subtle 1/2s attack speed.
Yes, it was Ensign.

Guild Wars: Eurosplitting

No GW for me last night, just some quality time with Salmon with a Soy Glaze served with Aioli Green Beans. My cooking's slowly getting better.

Night before last I finally played a couple of GvG matches that Ranger. Well, almost. It was switched to Broadhead Arrow (BHA for short) and Mending Touch instead of Burning Arrow and Pin Down. So, first time in GvG on a Ranger for a long, long time for me. 9 months? Maybe? I hadn't played BHA before either, so it was a "total learning experience". I did warn the team that I'd probably suck but they weren't having it. Anyway, here's an edited version of part of my guild match report.

Highlight: wiping [izzy]'s initial 6-man gank attempt with our 4-man team.

Lowlight: pretty much losing the game for the guild vs. [izzy] by not killing their turtling monk quickly enough at the end.

Anyway, we were running a Eurosplit build. If you don't know what that is, it's a 5/3 split team where the 3-man split consists of a "You're All Alone!" warrior, a Burning Arrow or Broadhead Arrow ranger and a Ritualist/Ele Weapon of Remedy guy with a snare or two.

So, back to BHA. The arc of the BHA is about 45 degrees, which means if they're moving in anything other than an absolutely straight line you will miss. It's basically impossible to land it on a monk without a snare because they are forever fidgeting around and generally don't have lengthy casting times. You can't afford to fire a speculative shot because it's on a 15 second recharge. Other spellcasters like eles are easier pickings and you don't need the ritualist. Mesmers are gripped with continuous paranoia since everyone hates them and will probably notice you are on top of them (unless they're busy casting Diversion, anyway). Eles, apparently not. Anyway, here's your plan if you can't get a snare on your victim:

1) Run up to ele, who is probably casting SF, blinding the warrior for the nth time or something else exciting.
2) Administer kisses to both cheeks, Italian style. If you don't wish to do this step, make sure you're close enough that you could.
3) Wait for him to start on a spell. Switch to your shortbow and shoot something else random in the meantime. You may wish to whistle, innocently.
4) Shoot him in the face.
5) Keep shooting him. At some point he will work out that the spells, they no work and probably run away. Keep shooting him and look for other interrupt targets.

I'm told that the arc of the BHA is fixed - it doesn't even matter what bow you're using - so cunning plans like Read the Wind or Favourable Winds don't work. Even with a hex snare on a monk you should try to be as close as possible.

Guild Wars: Skill balance changes

I noticed this handy post up at the Guru by Sol Solus on which skills changed since the last test weekend.

Guild Wars: Automated Tournaments, continued

Gaile says:
You know what's cool about this upcoming tourney? It will involve any guild that wants to compete. Full Swiss system, so it may be 50 guilds, 500 guilds, 5000 guilds... only time will tell.
Um. Ok. Not sure how that's going to be terribly practical. I guess we shall see. Rules are supposed to be released next week.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Guild Wars: Skill updates

Heads up, the first skill/HA tweaks are up. They'll be changing through the weekend as players discover things that are totally broken but this is the initial setup.

Key quote:
Jagged Bones: Increased Recharge time to 15 seconds.

But wait....

Gale: decreased knock down duration to 2 seconds.

Ok, it was too good. But... but...

Guild Wars: Developer Roundtable

Billiard posted his report on the Developer Roundtable meeting held last weekend. Speaking of which, I forgot to post a link for his previous report, which was more for colour than substance.

Interesting stuff, although no earthshaking revelations of note.

Guild Wars: Dev Update

The controversy continues. From here:
Tournaments and Competitive Play:

  • The automated tournament system will be in place around the start of April, 2007.
    The ATS will offer competitive play and rewards for both Hero Battles (sometimes called 1v1) and GvG competition.
  • Our focus at present is to develop expanding support for competitive play, to include more players in various gameplay modes, and to reward players with both in-game and real-world prizes.
  • Competitive play options will include daily competitions in the ATS with in-game prizes.
  • There will be monthly competitions, also via the ATS, that will offer exciting real world prizes like video cards or consumer electronics to the top finishers.
  • The monthly tournaments will provide support for non-PvPers through the Xunlai Tournament House.
  • Players of varying skill levels will be able to compete and win prizes.
  • A new competitive season of Guild versus Guild play will starting in the next couple of weeks, and the official rules for that competition will be distributed quite soon.
  • The upcoming GvG tournament will provide exciting real-world prize support for the guilds, and will be supported through the Xunlai Tournament House, as well.
  • This Guild versus Guild tournament will extend until just prior to the start of the Automated Tournament System in April.
Skill Balancing:

  • We're rolling out another set of skill balances this Friday. There are new skill balance changes, and some of those that were previously tested have been tweaked and adjusted based on player feedback and team observation. Other changes will be carried over in the same form as they were presented last weekend.
  • We will be collecting feedback on the second round of skill balance changes over the next few weeks.
  • You may see noticeable changes to skills after this weekend, and there will be additional skill adjustments over time.
Heroes' Ascent:

  • You know about the testing weekend this week, of course. (See the news post of January 30th.) Having received a great deal of valuable player feedback about HA last weekend, we've made some really significant changes to some of the maps and gameplay mechanics.
  • We will hold testing of Heroes' Ascent with an 8v8 party size configuration next weekend, starting on February 9th. This will be a limited test-nor more than a week in length-after which we will revert to the current 6v6.
  • We will then continue to collect community feedback on the party size issue before making a final decision on HA party size by the end of February.

We're all looking forward to good feedback in the next few weeks, and hope you enjoy these testing opportunities and the news about upcoming tournaments.

Um. Okay?

Seems a little weird that this isn't on the main site.

Wait, did she say April?

Update: more details in the thread. Apparently the rules for the upcoming interim season will be released next week and there will be real-world prizes of some kind.